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— Emanuel Derman, Columbia University and Prisma Capital Partners

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— Paul Wilmott, Founder, CQF

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This website was designed to accompany the textbook An introduction to Equity Derivatives: Theory & Practice, 2nd Edition (John Wiley & Sons, 2012).

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Everything you need to get a grip on the complex world of derivatives

An Introduction to Equity Derivatives is the fully updated and expanded second edition of the popular Finance and Derivatives. It covers all of the fundamentals of quantitative fi... read more...


SÉBASTIEN BOSSU is currently Principal at Ogee Group LLC, a startup company based in New York doing cutting-edge research on derivatives, investment management and software development. A former director of Equity Derivatives Structuring for an investment bank in London, he also worked at J.P. Morgan as an exotics structu... read more...